Rules – Aug 2013.


“Lift/Box Exclusion Zone” = This will be a rectangular boxed shaped area marked on the stage around the tractor. When the tractor is built and started, the Lift-Jack/box & team member (apart from the tractor starter) should not be found in this area however other tools can remain in the box. If the Lift-Jack/Box is found in this area a 10 second penalty will be applied. If an additional team member is found in this area (apart from the tractor starter) a 1 min penalty will be applied to the teams time.

The Stage should include a Lift/Box Exclusion Zone.

“Three Hand Rule” = When a build is complete, three members of a team must raise a hand in the air & stand outside the Tool Exclusion Zone. Failure to do this results in 1 min penalty.

“Driver Choke & Control Rule” = Before the tractor is started a team member must sit on the tractor and start the tractor using the choke thus allowing him/her complete control of the tractor (Because the tractor may be in gear / starter wire loose). Failure to do this results in 1 min penalty.

Recorded Time Rules.  How to define a completed build & when to stop the clock. A build shall only be deemed to be complete and the clock stopped when….
i) Three members of the team stand away from the tractor and raise one hand in the air – “Three hand rule”
ii) The three members must also be outside the “Tool Exclusion Zone”
iii) The forth member of the team starts the tractor – “Driver Choke & Control rule”

The idea behind this is to throw the emphasis onto the team members to identify themselves to the Judges / Event organiser / Time keeper that they have completed their respective building tasks.

Non-Start. If the tractor does not start, the clock will remain incrementing until….

i) The starting problem is solved (hence allowing the team a chance to fix the problem) and the tractor is started, while still applying “Three hands rule”, “Tool Exclusion Zone rule” & the “Driver Choke & Control rule”.

ii) The team captain asks for the clock to stop. This again can only happen when the “Three hands rule” and other rules above are applied.

If any further building work is done on the tractor – 1 min penalty will be applied to the teams time.

Independently a Judge will try to start the tractor – If the tractor starts the official recorded time will be when the team captain asked for the clock to be stopped and if the tractor does not start – 1 min penalty will be applied to the teams time.
The Tractor.

The tractor used for the build must be a standard Ferguson 20 TVO; the tractor must be as close as possible to how it left the production line and have all its original parts. Apart from a few already agreed modifications all parts must be assembled and fixed using original parts. The tractor must have a starter. Every effort will be made by the Ferguson 20 officials to ensure that the tractor is in good working order but very occasionally problems will occur, this is why we have a “Pre-dismantle Inspection”. Therefore the recorded time will be the completed build time.

For the 2013 season.
• Clips will be placed on the air breather pipe to stop it from falling off during the build. These should be tightened by the team.
• A choke system will be placed on the tractor.
Pre-dismantle inspection.

Teams are advised to inspect the tractor before it is stripped to ensure that it is functional. For the teams sake this should include the starting of the tractor. Basic problem components should be inspected to ensure that they are in working order e.g. Battery, Cables, Fuel tank etc. If there are problems they should be identified to the Judges/Officials.

20 Build Teams.

A 20 build team will consist of four team members. Teams can also have a manager. We realise that the competition takes a lot of commitment and sometimes not every team member can be present at every event. Therefore teams are allowed two substitutions.
To keep the event running smoothly in the 2013 season, teams should allocate one person to officially communicate (represent the team) to the Judges/Ferguson 20 build officials. Ideally this should be the team captain as he/she will be consulted during the judging process.
NO OTHER team members / managers etc will be entertained and communications should be passed via this team member (…..too many cooks…as they say)

Re-Build Policy.

A re-build will not be allowed because the tractor could be sabotaged during a build to force a re-build.

A Restart.

i) Can only be called by the team captain.
This rule will come into play where for example a team member identifies to the captain that something has fallen off the stage e.g. front wheel or where it is noticed that the water can is empty etc. and the build process has just started.
ii) A restart will not be allowed after 15 seconds have elapsed on the clock.
iii) Only one false restart will be allowed.

A team will have a “High Time Penalty = 1 Min” applied if……

1. The Tractor is not in a safe drivable condition i.e. No cable ties / String etc holding up breaks & steering is correctly set up. Remember the tractor should be in a state that it can be driven off the stage & capable of ploughing/bailing etc.
2. The tractor is found to be “in gear” when starting.
3. The lift mechanism does not work correctly i.e. the lift must go up AND down.
4. The PTO is not functioning.
5. The following rules are not applied during the building process…..
• “Three hands rule”,
• Any team member is in the “Lift/Box Exclusion Zone” – Only one starter/driver allowed.
• “Driver Choke & Control rule”
Note if it is found after the build is complete that the driver interferes with the Lift/Box left by his team mates in the “Lift/Box Exclusion Zone” the result will be a 1 Min penalty for each piece of equipment moved – so thread very lightly when dismounting from the tractor!
6. If major tractor component is missing e.g. Wheel / Air breather / Pipes etc. The simple rule here is if anythingis missing apart from a nut or bolt – this will result in a High Penalty being applied.
7. The correct amount of Oil & Water has not been put into the tractor – 1 Gallon of Oil = +/- 4.5 litres & 4/5 litres of water.
8. Incorrect tools used during the build – See banned tool list.
9. Unsporting behaviour is displayed during an event by any competing team members or a manager.
10. Managers/Subs or Team photographers aid the build process in any way by moving equipment/tools or tractor parts.
12. Throttle rod must be connected.
11. Tools are placed on any part of the tractor before the build starts e.g. Spanners/Ratchets on bolts etc during the countdown to start a build. Simply all tools should be on the stage during starting countdown.

Penalty Points.
• 5 Seconds
A nut/bolt/screw is deemed to be “un-finger tight” and hence loose.
A nut/bold/screw is not screwed in correctly e.g. cross threaded
For every piece of tools/equipment found in the “tool exclusion zone” after the tractor has been started.
• 10 Seconds
A nut/bolt/screw/R Clip is missing

• 1 Min
See above “High Penalty Rules”

 A Technical Restart.

Can be called at any stage during the build if….
i) Timing equipment malfunctions e.g. TV / Computer/ Stopwatch
ii) Stage lights no longer function
iii) Any other unforeseen tractor/non tractor/personnel related incidents e.g. problems with the stage, crowd control issues etc

 Disassemble Time Limit.

A team will be given a time limit of 20 min from…
i) When the tractor arrives at the venue and after a settling in period to strip the tractor.
ii) Between each build.
This may be over ruled by the Judge / Event Organiser / Sponsor in extraordinary circumstances, tractor related issues or due to weather conditions on the day.

From the 6 teams competing at any event in the 2013 season, judges will be randomly selected from the team captains. This process will be done by “drawing lots”. This will happen at each event throughout the season. Only one/two of the selected judges will be allowed to judge a build. (Both) Judge(s) must agree on the penalties (if any) being applied and if agreement can’t be found, the Ferguson 20 Build officials will have the right to cast a majority vote. The Judges and Officials say is FINAL!!!!

• 1 Gallon of Oil = +/- 4.5 litres & 4/5 litres of water.
• Check to ensure that the tractor for the competing team is stripped correctly.
• Check the Lift Up & Down.
• The correct tools are being used.
• Monitoring the build process.
• Checking the Built Tractor.
• Ensuring fair play.
Prompting from other team members, subs, managers etc will be allow. (However I feel giving too many orders by too many people will only confuse the team members and put them under unnecessary pressure).

The Build Area.
The build area will be defined as the area between the stage and the crowd control barriers. Ideally the width between the stage and the crowd control barriers should be 6ft (2 Meters).
The only personnel allowed in this area will be the competing team’s manager / subs and Ferguson 20 build officials and they should in no way obstruct the running of the event.
No other persons including local stewards will be allowed in this area.

The Stage.
It has been decided to set a standard stage size for all builds. The stage should be minimum 20ft * 20ft (6 * 6 Meters) but ideally bigger. A hardcore build area can be used if a stage is not available, but for spectators sake it is better to have a raised stage.
A raised stage can be set up on a concrete/tarmac or in a field if the venue has no solid area. The stage should be raised to a suggested height of approx 4ft (1.2 Meters) and this can be set up on pallets / scaffolding / twolow loaders etc as long as it is deemed safe by the officials. Ensure there is ramps available to get tractors up on the stage and that there is a hand rail around the stage.
The following persons will only be allowed on the stage. Photographer, Judges & Ferguson 20 Build officials.Strictly – no other persons will be allowed on stage.
It will be the responsibility of the hosting team to ensure that the stage is in a fit state for competition and that provisions are put in place for wet conditions e.g. Oil catching materials (light sand), rags, brushes etc.

Banned Tool List.
Yankee Tools are not allowed in the competition and will result in a disqualification if used.

Additional Build requirements for the 2013/14 season.

Because the rebuild times are so close currently, it has been decided that additional items will be dismantled from the tractor this year.
• Removal of the front axle.
• The choke system.
• The starter.
• Back plates to be removed from the half shaft
• Radius stay bar – with weld side down

Current common practices that will be allowed to continue.
Magnets are still allowed and can be used by a team.
The back wheels can be supported off the ground as long as it’s deemed to be safe by the Judges and officials.
If the first build of the day goes ahead and weather conditions deteriorate, the tractor build competition will continue (possibly with delays) until all the teams have competed.